Creating the Opening Titles for HBO’s “Ballers”

Jun.25, 2015

“Ballers” is HBO’s newest addition to their Sunday night time slot. The show premiered last weekend, and it centers on former NFL player Spencer Strasmore (played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) who now stays in the game by playing financial advisor to current NFL pros.

The opening titles for the new series were created by The Molecule’s Motion Graphics department.



“Our main goal was to take a lo-fi, candid approach to representing football as part of America’s DNA, while introducing Miami in all its splendor as one of the sport’s Valhallan cities,” explains Chad Sikora, The Molecule’s Animation Supervisor.

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The Subtlety of VFX: Working on “Love And Mercy”

Jun.19, 2015

Not all visual effects involve car explosions, buildings toppling over, or satellites circling the earth. Sometimes in order to keep continuity or better tell a story, visual effects are used in subtle ways leaving the audience oblivious the image was ever affected at all.

BW Before and After

In the case of the newly released film “Love And Mercy” starring John Cusack and Paul Dano, these covert techniques were sprinkled throughout the film. Whether it was enlarging a sailboat in the water to emphasize it’s appearance, or replacing a pair of shoes for continuity, many visual effects go completely unnoticed.

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Molecule Updates for Spring 2015

Apr.23, 2015

Hey Blog Readers!

It’s been a minute since we’ve updated this space. Truth is, there’s been a lot going on here at The Molecule and we’re pumped to tell you about it all.

First of all, the biggest news… The Molecule just had a pretty huge birthday. We’re 10 years old! There have been a lot of changes in the VFX industry that we’ve been able to see take place over the last decade, and it’s been amazing to watch it all happen. You can check out more about our anniversary in the latest Post New York Alliance Newsletter.

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Mobile World Congress – The Molecule in M9 Keynote

Mar.02, 2015

The Mobile World Congress kicked off this weekend in Barcelona, and The Molecule got a front row seat during HTC’s keynote presentation of their new flagship phone, the M9. We designed and produced the graphics treatment and release video for the presentation.

We will have more behind-the-scenes info to come, but in the meantime, check out this cool cameo of Molecule CEO Chris Healer with HTC CMO Idris Mootee at the conference..

Color for VFX: Theory & Practice in a Nutshell

Aug.06, 2014

Color for VFX in New York City

Color for VFX is a presentation created by The Molecule CEO and Principal Chris Healer and has been vetted by many in the visual effects industry.

To a lot of us, color seems like an intangible, complicated part of our daily workflow. Over the years new steps have been introduced to the process, but they have never been publicly explained.

Chris has collected everything you need to know about color into one place, and he explains how to easily integrate it into your pipeline to make post-production smoother, cleaner, and more accurate.

The Main concepts of Color for VFX are Linear Space and the CDL workflow. The presentation outlines the ideal visual effects workflow from the RAW Camera Image to the finished product, and it pinpoints exactly where color information falls into an artist’s composition.

The feedback has been incredibly positive after Chris’s first three public events in New York City and Los Angeles. Each attendee has had their own “a-ha!” moment, and whether you’re a novice or an expert at color theory, a colorist or a compositor, you will take away something important that will help you better understand and execute your craft.

Color for VFX addresses the need for consistency in color between all of the different players in post-production. It develops a common language that everyone from 3D generalists to producers can all agree on. The result is that we are all able to do the work we love to the best of our ability and in a logical way, so that we can deliver a product of the highest quality.

Chris continues to publicly present Color for VFX. In the meantime the presentation is available to everyone and accessible online! Check it out by clicking this download link, and get your color game on. 

Chris Healer (The Molecule) and Michael Cioni (Light Iron) shake hands at the Color for VFX event in LA.