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May.06, 2014

This spring has gotten to a very busy start over here at The Molecule. While this means there will be a lot of updates in the coming months, at the moment our noses have been to our respective grindstones.

So! In the meantime, check out one of the things that have caught our attention lately..

Our good friends at Light Iron compiled an incredibly detailed breakdown of their workflow and pipeline, using Enders Game as an example. Enjoy!

Winter’s Tale In Theaters

Feb.14, 2014

It’s February 14th! Whether you have plans with your significant other or plans with a giant box of chocolate – we have just the thing.

Winter’s Tale arrives in theaters today. We here at The Molecule couldn’t have been prouder to have contributed to this epic film.

Congratulations to Akiva Goldsman, Richard Hollander, and the entire cast and crew!

VES Town Hall Tonight!

Oct.10, 2013

The Visual Effects Society of New York is holding a Town Hall-style meeting tonight at 7pm at SVA Theater.

This is awesome for many reasons. The setup of the meeting will be a conversation between audience members and panelists. There are some challenges facing our industry at the moment, and this is a great opportunity to speak openly about concerns, ideas, and solutions.

Andrew Bly, Molecule principal and VES secretary/treasurer explains:

“Unlike other town halls where topics are predetermined, we sent out a survey to the local vfx community to see what’s most important to everyone. We took that feedback to shape the topics discussed and to book panelists who are best suited to address those topics. This town hall was truly shaped by the vfx community to keep the conversation going forward on topics that matter most to them. ”

In other words this Town Hall is about you! Come and make your voice heard, and ask questions from the experts in the industry.

Plus, weather in NYC tonight is calling for monsoon-like conditions, so why not hang out with some of your best VFX buddies in a nice, cozy, and beautiful setting?

You don’t have to be a VES member to participate. Bring everyone!


Date: Tonight! 10/10/13

Time: 7pm

Location: SVA Theater, 333 W 23rd St.

NBC’s “The Blacklist”

Oct.07, 2013

We’re incredibly pumped for this fall on NBC. It features a new thriller called “The Blacklist” – a series with a very talented cast and crew, and more plot twists than you could shake a stick at. Every week we’ve been at the edge of our couches, but we’ve also been at the edge of our desk chairs making VFX to fit into this gripping storyline.

Last Monday’s episode was an action-packed adventure, centering on the criminal of the week – “The Freelancer.” Our crew was busy during the month leading up to this episode on our own coffee-packed adventure making CG helicopters, facial recognition software, and a homemade train crash, among other effects sprinkled throughout.

continue reading…

The Butler

Sep.17, 2013

Lee Daniels’ The Butler debuted in theaters in mid-August to hold a commanding grasp on the box office, claiming the number one spot for three weeks. The Molecule is proud to have produced visual effects for over 200 shots that ranged from prosthetic and cosmetic fixes to green screen work. We were even invited to attend the August 5th premier at the Ziegfeld Theatre with Oprah, Lenny Kravitz, Forest Whitaker and the rest of the star-studded cast. continue reading…


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